It isn’t strange for different people to get their news from different sources, from TV, the Internet and newspapers. The company Renew has recently developed a recycling bin that also comes with an information screen. About a hundred of these newspaper bins have been placed around London, as the company has recently signed a 21-year contract to do so.

These techno-pods are created out of damage-resistant fiberglass, while the screens can feature anything such as pieces of news to ads, to little bits of city information. To keep information fresh and current, a team of writers has been assigned to provide pieces of news. Sometimes, content will also come from reputable magazines such as Time Out and The Economist.

The suggestion for these modern bins came about when London authorities noticed the city littered with free newspapers that had been discarded. The city of Brussels was also starting to put pressure on London, for not meeting recycling targets.

Renew was supposed to have 100 pods already in place by the 2012 Olympics, but the company could not meet the demand until November of last year. Because London is getting this service for free, the company’s owner plans to create revenue through advertising.

The company plans to approach film studios, publishers, television companies, as well as other companies who may constantly need to run ads. So far, response to the pods seems to have been positive, with a number of film studios expressing much interest.

Another great use for the pods would be in the event of emergencies. They could be a useful place to put emergency messages and alerts. The pods seem to be in good shape, with a number of marketing campaigns from businesses such as Qatari Islamic Bank, CNBC, and Wallpaper running on them soon. Renew has reportedly raised about £4 million in revenue so far.


By Alan