The Welsh Local Government Association and the Assembly Government are fighting over recycling targets.  WGLA members are claiming that the Assembly Government’s target of 70 per cent is unreasonable and will cost local government £30 million to attain.

The WGLA claims to be at 40 per cent recycling right now and representatives say that the EU target is only at 50 per cent.  They say that the planned waste measure, which is to be argued next week, is absolutely unaffordable during such tough economic times.

The Assembly Government’s response has been to say that the WGLA should certainly know that the 70 per cent target is set to come into full in 2025 and that panic this early is overreaction.  The goal of Assembly Government, they claim, is cost-effectiveness for all local government because recycling costs less.  It also avoids landfill taxes, which should make local government popular with their constituents.

The WGLA says that, at 40 per cent recycling, it has dramatically increased the process from what it was in 2000 to 2001, which was only 7 per cent recycling.  They say that such a change emphasizes the desire of local government to maintain conservation and increase the use of recycling.

By Alan