Welsh communities are marking June 20-26 as Recycle Week with events to illustrate how easy and the benefits in recycling. In Cardiff the celebration started early with the Really Rubbish ceremony and awards for green schools on June 16. There are schools also involved on Anglesey, where the island‘s Eco Schools are hosting waste free picnics.

Local authorities across the country are out helping people learn more and are holding information days for recycling at home and while on the move. Llantwit Major and Barry Island are two of the stops for the Vale of Glamorgan for the beach roadshow explaining to people about recycling.

The start of a new recycling service will be marked by Recycle Week for some areas. In Conway over 40,000 homes will get recycling collections weekly starting during Recycle Week while those living in Wrexham in flats will focused on by the Recycling on the Up scheme to encourage them to recycle more.

For a good number of the councils the week is to focus on encouraging the people recycle the most they can with regard to food waste collection. In other places in the UK all councils in Wales run separate food or green or food waste collections with over 82% of homes receiving the service and 100% coverage in certain areas.

By the end of 2011 over 90% of houses will have separate food and green or food waste collection. In Swansea a packed week of activities will revolve around food. Activities include a low carbon cook-off, food tasting, an afternoon tea roundtable about food and a cookery session.

By Alan