Veolia is the refuse collection partner for Croydon Council and they have recently stated that they are ready to deal with all the excess waste that is going to be produced over the Christmas period. The company have drawn up plans which it hopes will mean that there will be very little disruption to the collection of recycling waste and landfill over the Christmas holidays. There are going to be five days over the holidays which are going to have a different collection schedule to what residents are normally used to.

Between 26 December and 30 December collections will be running a day later than they usually do and this change applies to both recycling and refuse collection days. The company is reminding homeowners that Christmas wrapping paper and cards can be recycled and residents should leave them out in their recycling boxes on the collection days. There has also been a food waste collection service recently set up in Croydon and residents are being urged to dispose of their food by using this system.

Phil Thomas is a councillor in the area and also a member of the Cabinet for Highways and the Environment, he has recently said, “Christmas is a time when a lot of waste is produced and we would like to make sure that everyone tries to recycle as much as possible.”

By Alan