There is a proposal that van drivers should refrain from using recycling centres every Mondays through to Fridays in North Somerset. Furthermore, those people who use trailers or vans in disposing their household rubbish should only have 12 visits a year as per the new rules for recycling centres in Weston-super-Mare, Portishead, and Backwell.

The North Somerset Council will be introducing a permit scheme for people who use van or large trailer in disposing their rubbish. The permit is free and should be applied for at least a month in advance of any visit. The proposed visit is every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday and it should be between 10 am to 4 pm/

An automatic number plate recognition system will be used wherein registration numbers will be flashed up on digital screens at designated recycling centres. The number of visit per vehicle will be controlled by new software. The North Somerset Council also introduced new rules which will be followed by everybody. There is restriction when it comes to the types of waste being disposed, especially hardcore and rubble waste.

Furthermore, wastes from building renovation projects will not be accepted any more. People should only dump a total of two sheets per vehicle per visit or a total of five vehicle tyres per year. This new rule was implemented as part of crackdown on commercial operators who are using the dumping site. It would cost around 95 pounds to dispose a tonne of commercial waste.

The governing body has made an agreement with the operators of the waste transfer station in Weston. Commercial waste should be appropriately disposed so as to reduce if not totally prevent issues with fly tipping. The North Somerset Council reported that they are spending 1 million pounds yearly on disposing and recycling of 30,000 tonnes of residential rubbish.

By Alan