Manton Eggs is one of the UK’s biggest egg processing companies and now the award-winning lifting equipment specialist, Transdek, has come up with a clever and unique way for the company to unload products from lorries to ground floor level. Because of expansion plans, Manton needed to increase the efficiency of the loading and unloading process in its new production area.

Based in Harrogate, Manton Eggs is a leading processor of liquid egg products and can process over a million eggs every day. The company supplies outlets such as bakeries all over the UK. Transdek came up with the solution that will help Manton with their expansion and an increasing workload.

Transdek are well-known for their innovative solutions and they took the project in hand from start to finish. They have installed the vehicle to ground lift, known as the V2G, in an extension to the existing warehouse. Included in the extension was an inspection area so that the eggs can be examined for quality after being unloaded from the lorries and before being allowed into the processing plant.

This vehicle to ground lift solution also reduces energy usage so enhancing the green effect and helping Manton Eggs to be environmentally friendly and reduce its carbon footprint. The V2G does this by the whole system having roof light panels, and insulated cladding.

There are also PIRS and LUX sensors. These switch lights on and off automatically depending on the amount of daylight available and how much movement there is in the building. There are two loading bays and incorporated into these is a LED traffic light system which increases the safety of the operation.

By Alan