It is hard to deny just how reliant the world has become on cars. Every household will likely have one as a means to get from one place to another quickly. Despite often being expensive to purchase and arguably even more expensive to maintain, the sense of freedom achieved from not having to rely on public transport is incredible. There is no doubt that the invention of the car will revolutionize private transport forever, making a world without them hard to imagine. Despite how great cars are for getting us to where we need to go, they also have their negatives which collectively can prove devastating.

Many will be aware that driving is not an entirely efficient process. Though cars have managed to get many miles out of a gallon of fuel since they were first introduced, there are still by-products of this process that are produced and released into the atmosphere. These pollutants are a leading reason why the ozone layer is being damaged, and all experts warn that unchecked, this damage could be irreversible, leading to unstoppable global warming. Of course, it is not feasible to simply stop producing cars to stop this from happening, leading to somewhat of a dilemma. Fortunately, the automotive industry has already been hard at work to find a solution to this problem.

This is where EVs come into play, also known as electric vehicles. These are the industry’s answer to the global warming problem, as the main selling point of electric cars is that they are entirely green excepting the manufacturing process. This appeals to many who care about the Earth and the impact that they have on it. In fact, the idea of electric cars has become so popular that certain car manufacturers are profiting greatly from the craze. One only must look at Tesla, an American car manufacturer that has grown exponentially since going public.

The kind of growth that Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers are seeing can be likened to other industries that have seen an atmospheric growth in recent times, such as online gambling. A leading form of entertainment, the rise of the industry is likely attributed to the popularity of online gambling as people prefer the convenience of being able to play on more betting sites and casino games at home.

EVs as they exist currently are not ideal purchases for most people, even though they are great for the environment. This is because the technology is still expensive, making the asking price for these astronomical. However, once that initial cost is overcome, those who own these vehicles will attest to the fact that they are very cheap to run. This is because the cost of fully charging a car pales in comparison to filling a tank with fuel. Also, repairs are generally cheaper as there are fewer components to go wrong, such as an engine or exhaust system.

Given these benefits, it is difficult to deny that electric cars are the future, though they still need to make some progress until they become feasible to purchase for most people.

By Kelly