Plans to boost the Climatic Change Fund have been announced by The Greens, increasing the fund to nearly £126m over the next Holyrood conference. A major portion of this is earmarked for carbon reducing projects.


Over 330 awards have been presented to 260 communities since the fund first started in 2008.  Awards have been made for such ventures as waste and bicycle recycling and   community gardens. The funding increase objectives go together with plans to increase support to smaller projects and to other communities through a partner scheme.


Top Greens candidate, Mark Ruskell and Party Co-convener, Patrick Harvie, announced the plans at a St. Andrews home, a beneficiary under the St. Andrews Energy Champions project. Harvie says this has allowed ingenious, community ideas to thrive through Scotland, from modern energy saving schemes to conversion ideas in the more remote areas.


The Greens now want to capitalize on the foundation that the fund is established and plan to put the £126m to good use by backing all levels of projects, from large community projects to the smaller idea that just needs a little push to get going. They acknowledge that more is needed to cut carbon emissions in the country.

By Alan