The largest supermarket in the UK, Tesco, is about to start testing a new packaging which it is hoped will reduce the amount of food waste that the supermarket produce. The packaging is going to be able to help the shelf life of avocados and tomatoes increase; two of the types of vegetable most often wasted.

The supermarket currently estimate that a significant amount of food will be saved by the utilisation of this new packaging. They estimate that around one and a half million packets of tomatoes will be saved, and around 350,000 packs of avocado. The supermarket has stated that if the initial trial is successful, then they are going to be introducing it to 80 percent of their other products offered in store.

The new packaging has a special strip that is capable of absorbing the specific hormone which makes fruit ripen. The strip contains a chemical which is capable of absorbing this and the product is created by Fresh Ltd. This company have stated that the product they offer is 100 times more effective over any other similar products currently on the market.

It has already been suggested that the packaging is going to be very useful, not just for tomatoes and avocados, but many other types of fruit and vegetable as well. Tesco have said that there is going to be no additional cost to consumers as the new type of packaging gets introduced in the country.

A scientist working for Tesco, Steve Deeble has commented, “Tesco are constantly working to combat the amount of food that people waste. By keeping products fresh for longer using this new technology, we are going to be able to ensure that people have a longer time to consume the fruit and vegetables, before they have to throw them away.”

By Alan