TerraCycle has joined up with the pen manufacturing company BIC in the UK’s first attempt to recycle writing instruments. BIC is regarded as the leading stationery manufacturer in the country and it will be collecting used pens in schools and offices around the UK to reuse and recycle them.

The pens the company produce can be recycled into many items, such as waste bins and watering cans. As an incentive to schools, when a pen is returned to them they will be given two pence which can be given to a charity of their choosing.

Yolande de Trogoff is the marketing manager of BIC in the UK, he has commented about the scheme, “it is great that we’re partnering with TerraCycle, a recycling initiative is very important to our company. The fact we’re partnering with schools is even more important as we firmly believe drawing and writing are an essential part of a child’s education.”

The general manager of TerraCycle is Chris Baker and he has said, “this is exactly the sort of initiative that will serve to educate both children and parents about the importance of recycling and conservation. We are delighted to be working with BIC.”

By Alan