It is being reported by a mobile phone manufacturer, Sony Ericsson that using recycled plastics and reduced packaging are making mobile phone handsets environmentally friendly.

The company will be revealing two new ‘green’ handsets that have a carbon footprint offset lower then other current mobiles phones by up to 15 percent. To achieve this Sony Ericsson are reducing packaging, using recycled plastics and using paint that have reduced solvents.

The C901 Greenheart and Naite are part of Sony Ericssons portfolio of environmentally phones that are due to be released in the coming years. With the release of these two phones the company is hoping to reduce their total carbon emissions by 20% by 2015.

Globally Sony Ericsson sells approximately 100 million phones each year and the company is hoping that by 2011 all of their phones will have ‘green’ improvements. By reducing the amount of paper used in the phones manuals and packaging, Sony Ericsson is able to report a reduction of CO2 gases. Older models of Sony Ericsson phones and their packaging weighed upwards of 550g. With the new ‘green’ model phones and smaller paper manuals the average weight of packaging the phones is now 42g, meaning that the company has saved 350 tonnes of paper.

Sony Ericsson is using water soluble inks therefore halving the amount of solvents used in the production of phones and packaging. The phones are no longer wrapped in plastic when packaged and 80% of the hard plastic phone parts are recycled.

Sony Ericsson is committed to reducing their carbon footprint by 15% by 2015 and also reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that their factories release by the same date. Sony Ericsson are also creating a recycling process in which consumers of their phones are able to return their old phones back to the company where they will be recycled, they are hoping to collect one million phones each year.

By Alan