It seems Scotland is on its way to its zero waste goal, but whether it will be able to achieve it by 2025 is anyone’s guess right now.  There has been an increase of recycling and composting since last year’s numbers.

SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) recently reported that this year the rate rose to nearly 38 per cent, where last year’s rate was slightly over 34 per cent.  This puts in question whether or not the Scottish Government’s goal of reaching 40 per cent recycling and composting can be attained by its target of late this year.

Along with this, there has been a decrease in the amount of rubbish gathered by local authorities.  One must, however, consider the size of the test facing Scotland when one realizes that as of right now just a little more than half of the projected goal for recycling and composting in 2025 is being achieved.

Another part of the zero waste goal is set into perspective when we understand that right now Scotland sends slightly more than 60 per cent of its solid waste to the landfills, and the goal for 2025 is to reduce that to a mere 5 per cent.  It will be, admittedly, a long way to come.

Richard Lochhead, the Scottish Environment Secretary is trying to rally all of Scotland behind the effort of reducing waste.  He has commented that the country needs to reduce its creation of waste by reusing everything it can and recycling the rest.  He took the time to commend the local authorities for their more positive numbers and encourage them to increase their efforts.

Indeed, now is the moment to move ahead if Scotland is to achieve its remarkable goal, and imagine if they do, what a message that can send to the rest of the world.  A planet with a zero waste goal would really be something to see.

By Alan