Have you ever wondered how you can save money on your bills? By only putting enough water in the kettle that you need for your cuppa, enough water in the bath to clean your body, and setting the heating at a temperature to warm you without sweating, you can save yourself a small fortune on your fuel bills – and these are all things E.ON are promoting with their new Saving Energy Toolkit.

E.ON’s newest campaign will help you take your first steps when it comes to saving energy and cutting down on waste.

After all, a significant amount of your energy consumption may be just that – waste. It could be the fault of a faulty gas hob, a problem with your insulation or perhaps just the settings on your central heating. Estimates show that turning down the central heating by just one degree could shave £60 off the average household’s gas bill (depending on your usage).

The new E.ON Saving Energy Toolkit will help you on the road towards running a more fuel-efficient home. It even includes a comparison tool which will allow E.ON customers to compare their energy usage with similar homes so they can keep an eye on their performance in relation to those around them – great if you need a little competitive edge to spur you to succeed.

This tool is user friendly and can really help you save money, something none of us can afford to ignore in the current economic climes. The tool can be found at https://www.eonenergy.com/for-your-home/saving-energy/. You simply log in with your username and password and the tool is at your disposal. Just a few clicks and you could be saving yourself money is ways that you probably won’t have even thought of yet which make so much sense.

If you haven’t already registered to manage your energy account online it only takes a few minutes. All you have to do is input a few details such as account number, which can be found on your bill, postcode and name of account holder. You can choose a username and password that are easy for you to remember and registering online also means that you will get your bills this way, thus doing your bit for the environment by dispensing with paper bills.

E.ON’s website also features a number of handy tips to help you become more fuel efficient, like not leaving your television on standby quite so often. If you’re an E.ON customer you can also use the comparison tool which allows you to see how your home is performing in relation to those in your area – given you greater motivation to save energy. You won’t need to be a qualified expert to put these into practice, just a dash of common sense will do!

E.ON pride themselves on doing the best they possibly can for their customers, and this Saving Energy Toolkit is just the latest in their commitment to saving their customers money. So what are you waiting for? Log in now and start to see the benefit of saving energy where it really matters; in your pocket.

By Kelly