Repic is the largest producer compliance recycling scheme that operates on a not-for-profit basis in the UK. It is estimated that during a two-day event which they held in Peterborough, they collected over a ton of electrical equipment that was going to be put into landfill otherwise. The event was hosted to encourage people to dispose of their unwanted electricals in a responsible way, and raise awareness of how to do this in the future.

The event was made notable by a giant figure of a dinosaur that was constructed entirely out of recycled materials. Residents came to the area with a great deal of electronic items such as fridges, televisions, irons, and kettles, in order to get rid of them. Overall, nearly 1020 kilograms of waste was collected during the event.

A spokesperson from the company has commented, “One of the major problems about recycling waste electronic equipment in the UK is that the trail of where it has come from, and where it is going can easily be lost. This means that certain items can be illegally exported easier, which is a huge problem for the country, but more for the countries where the products are heading to.”

In order to encourage people to come and recycle their waste in a responsible way, there was a competition being run which allows people to win a great deal of new electrical items, such as a fridge freezer, washing machine and a washer dryer. There were other smaller prizes including coffee makers, heaters, and food processors.

Anyone who visited to drop anything off also received a voucher which entitled them to 10 percent off some products at a local store. Furthermore, whoever guessed the weight of the model dinosaur, would win a 37 inch television which was donated by a local company.

By Alan