Merritt Plastics is a subsidiary of Eurocell and it has recently opened a new recycling facility located in Derbyshire. The recycling facility is to handle old PVC windows and it is expected that once open the facility is going to be able to recycle over 10,000 window frames every week.

The director of plastic conversion for the group is Albert Vasseur who said, “This is just another way in which the company is showing that it is dedicated to creating a sustainable business. We are creating a way for waste products to be turned into something valuable and by recycling PVC we are helping to create products that are highly energy-efficient.”

The chief executive of Eurocell is Patrick Bateman who has said, “This is a new beginning for green solutions at Eurocell and we are very pleased to be offering this new sustainable manufacturing facility. We are a company that is dedicated to using recycled materials and manufacturing process and our products will always continue to meet the most stringent demands of our customers.”

Eurocell creates conservatory, window and roofline PVC for the construction industry and has over one hundred branches in its network across the United Kingdom.

By Alan