The target for recycling in the UK was recently revised to nearly 60 percent for plastic by the year 2017. In order for this target to be met the government is going to need support from the sector in order to encourage the recovery of this valuable resource.

Axion Consulting, the resource recovery specialist, have been analysing the various economic drivers that need to be utilised in order to make this plastic recycling target a possibility. The director of the company, Keith Freegard recently commented, “In order for this recycling target to be met the UK infrastructure for plastic recycling needs to adapt. A greater mix of types of plastic is being collected from UK households and a growth plan needs to be established about how to maintain this positive momentum so the 2017 figure can be met.”

A recent publication has been created by WRAP which has been targeted at local authorities in order to give them information about how to assist in the recycling process for plastic. This report was made with support from AMEX, an engineering and environmental consultancy company, as well as Axion.

About the guide Axion have stated, “The idea behind this guide is that it is going to present the challenges and opportunities that are going to be faced by the country over the next five years as the target is attempted to be reached. It also gives information about how plastics are handled once they reach a recycling facility.”

Various case studies are included in the guide about local authorities and how they are working to make sure the plastic is recycled in an efficient and positive way. It also highlighted some of the various problems that are being faced by the campaign for plastic recycling, such as dealing with black bin bags.

By Alan