According to the most recently available statistics, there is an optimistic increase in the amount of plastic bottle recycling in the UK.  Plastic bottle recycling, as a whole, has a rate of 46 per cent.  This is a 7 per cent increase in the amount of plastic bottle recycling over last year.

The report this year has been much more detailed, as better information is made available from local authorities determined to lower landfill taxes and hit government targets for their communities.  This means that reporting on the methods and means is much more accurate than in past reports of this nature.

The kerbside schemes are seeing marked success, as the rate of kerbside collections increased by about 28 per cent in comparison to last year’s numbers.  It is believed that part of the significance of this jump is a result of local authorities initiating kerbside collection of plastic bottle recycling for the very first time.

It is reported that more than 350 local authorities now offer kerbside recycling of plastic bottle waste.  This means that the service is now available for around 23 million households.  Expansion of existing schemes and an increase in performance overall also helped carry the kerbside numbers higher.

Bring schemes also continue to work effectively for over 350 local authorities.  Some authorities report adding other plastics collection services to their bring schemes as well. About 80 per cent of the authorities contacted reported that their plastic bottle recycling schemes were running efficiently.

Even with all of this positive news, the data shows that almost 60 per cent of plastic bottle waste is still not collected.  When authorities were asked about the single largest obstacle to plastic bottle collection, they indicated that it was the cost associated with including plastic bottle collection in their current schemes that was prohibiting progress.

By Alan