Recycling in the country is definitely on the up but it is not all good news however as the plastic bag continues to be a major problem to deal with. The bag is something that is very difficult to dispose of in a responsible way, so people need to work out other ways to reduce their consumption of these bags. Reusing them is one of the best ways to protect the environment and this does appear to be increasing.

Food and garden waste is something that is much easier to deal with and the waste products go into an industrial recycling system. The waste is composted and turned into a high quality nutrient that is used in agriculture. The composting process is relatively rapid and only takes around six weeks to complete.

Unfortunately, plastic bags are another major problem here as people can be careless and leave them in with their food waste. It is very easy to make sure that you don’t dispose of your plastic bags in your food waste bins, but once all of the waste has been brought together it is very difficult for it to be removed at the facility. For this reason it is so important that you do not dispose of plastic bags with your food waste.

Some people are under the misconception that they can put bio-degradable bags in with their food waste, but this is not this case. There is an important distinction between biodegradable and compostable and putting a bio degradable bag in with the compost is just as much trouble as putting an ordinary bag in.

Bags that can be composted will be clearly marked as so, so before you throw away any bags check to make sure that the compostable symbol is present on the bag.

By Alan