For the last few years, Oxford has been lagging behind in the recycling race, and the Oxford City Council is making a serious effort to catch up.  As part of the Cleaner Greener Oxford campaign, the Council has invested about £60,000 in new rubbish and recycling bins.

Fifty of the old bins in the city centre will be relocated to other areas and replaced with duel rubbish and recycling bins, recycle-only containers and rubbish-only containers.  The recycling bins will accept paper, cardboard, tin cans and plastic bottles, to give shoppers and tourists a chance to put trash in its proper place.

According to councillor John Tanner, residents and visitors are pretty good about using the trash bins available, and he thinks they will be equally willing to recycle whenever possible.  The new bins will be located around the city centre on Cornmarket, St. Aldate’s and High Street.

Among the other City Council initiatives are a fine for littering to be imposed on anyone from the age of 10 on up, and a three-week cleanup operation at the Oxford bypass.

By Alan