With the potential to recycle billions of litres of motor oil Enval is exploring commercialization options of a new technology by converting it into car fuel.

Enval is doing essentially the same thing exploiting the salvage of high grade aluminium from old packaging like pyrolysis, toothpaste tubes and could be adapted to recycle the motor oil as well.

The Enval board is assessing what may be the difficulties with converting what is a laboratory success into a commercial product, while they review the technology closer. Used motor of over 8 billion gallons is produced each year from changes in oil from cars and trucks and is expected to grow as more and more developing economies begin to acquire cars.

Current disposal techniques are not environmentally sound Prof Chase said in his address to the American Chemical Society there are ways to re-refine it into new oil, processing and burning it to heat building, either way it is done it results in another way to pollute the environment.

The pryrolysis technique that was developed in the Biochemical and Environmental Engineering group Professor Chase thinks it is possible to provide a supplemental fuel source for an energy starved world while still addressing the improper disposal of waste.

Prof Chase says it converts almost 90% of waste oil into fuel making the process highly efficient and the recovery of using this process shows how for oil recycling in the traditions way this is much better and can be scaled to the commercial level.

Large hydrocarbons are converted into smaller ones by using the Pyrolysis method of very high temperature making the waste oil convert in to mix of gases, liquids and solid and then that can be chemically back into petrol or diesel fuel.

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