O2 Recycle, the plan that persuades customers who want an upgrade or are just joining the O2 network to recycle their handsets in exchange for cash has been taking off at an amazing rate.  Right now, as many as 66% of UK mobile phone users recycle their old phones.

This information has excited the folks at O2 so much that they are now offering to donate all profits from their recycling program to the youth charity, Think Big.  Previously, the company donated just a single pound for each phone turned in as part of the programme.

Instead of sending recycled phones to the landfill, O2 reprocesses and repairs as many phones as it can for sale in the global marketplace.  Any unusable units and waste residue is shipped for recycling.

Insiders warn that phone recycling is becoming such a popular market that unscrupulous business people are working their way in and they encourage consumers to check and make certain that any handsets they give up for recycling are being handled responsibly, ethically, and in an environmentally sound manner.

By Alan