The government has recently set a new target for recycling of plastic in the UK, with the intent to nearly 60 percent of plastics to be recycled by 2017. The idea is that the government will support people to invest in the sector and encourage the recovery of resources across the country.

The consulting firm specialising in resource recovery, Axion Consulting, have recently stated that the government need to carefully monitor the economic drivers in order to make sure that investment in reprocessing plants are made correctly. This needs to be carefully monitored to make sure that the facilities for recycling matched be amount of collections of plastic that are being done from the curbside outside people’s homes, and people’s businesses.

The director of the consulting company, Keith Freegard has recently commented, “The infrastructure in the UK is currently attempting to deal with the different types of plastics that are being received from households. This plastic normally comes in a mixed form, and a growth plan needs to be established in order to work out what to do with this mixed plastic.”

It is interesting to see in the recycling market that there is something of a contradiction between what people say about recycling plastic, and what they actually do. Most households do say that they are willing to recycle plastic, however it is estimated that nearly 90 percent of plastic in the country that is of the rigid variety is not currently being recycled.

The consulting company have created a guide which includes various case studies from local authorities, and companies, which advises on how to make sure that the maximum amount of plastic possible is recycled. They have a strong focus on the infrastructure downstream being developed in order to make this recycling of materials more possible.

By Alan