Already popular in Derwentside, a Twin Bin scheme recycling and waste collection has proposals being considered by the Durham County Council Cabinet. A survey with over 1,500 responses showed that the Derwentside method with a large bin for recycling instead of bags and boxes was quite popular.

Over 70% said it had improved the service while only 2.5% felt it had declined since it was introduced in 2006. The most popular reason given for not recycling more was that the containers were not large enough and that was mentioned by almost 30% of those questioned.

Recycling bins are emptied one week and waste bins the next week and the ability to mix paper, tins and cardboard makes it less of a hassle for residents and this creates not only recycling benefits but one million pound financial savings.

Also, based on vehicle tracking technology, new routes are being proposed by the council in order to increase value for money The routes provide the most fuel efficient journeys ignoring the former district council boundaries and by adding this to the remaining areas of the county by summer it will increase savings that are already seen in the rest of the North East region by only operating a four day week for collections.

The scheme for vulnerable residents will remain the same including the catering for the needs of special circumstance households like those with large families. Considerable steps to reduce the costs associated with waste collection have been made by the Durham County Council, says one councilor, while at the same time trying to improve performance. We need to stop as much rubbish going to landfill as possible and continue to meet national recycling targets he added.

It is good that more people are in favor of Twin Bin collections because this is one good way to meet the targets.

By Alan