A new waste recycling scheme is going to be launched across Bournemouth as part of a new plan to help improve the recycling rates of the town. Already Bournemouth has one of the top recycling rates in the nation and is known sending a very meager 19% of its wastes to landfills.

Now the council helps to improve that waste rate by even more with the help of a new £7m government grant that will offer residents the chance to join into a food waste recycling service. Cabinet member Cllr Michael Filer who is responsible for technical services stated that the clear message to residents is that they are attempting to continue on with offering services but they hope to continue to improve on it.

Filer added that he wanted to thank all of the Bournemouth residents that have helped to make them a top local authority when it comes to recycling and stressed that the weekly collection of waste will continue as it always had. They plan to continue weekly waste pick-up on a weekly basis because that is their policy and they are very proud of how it has been working out.

However, residents that want to participate in the new food waste recycling service will be offered a new container that easily slots into the little bin that they already have. They also will be given a kitchen caddy to make it easier to recycle food and biodegradable caddy liners.

Food waste is the largest type of waste that Bournemouth sees as it makes up about 38% of their small bins. They believe that by treating food waste separately from other forms of waste they will be able to enhance the type of end compost that is produced.

Leader of the Council, Cllr John Beesley stated that this new government grant paired with an additional one that numbered £14.2m shows that the Government believes that Bournemouth is a great place for recycling.

By Alan