The Renewable Energy Association (REA) and the Association for Oganics Recycling (AfOR) have joined together in order to created and strengthen the organics waste sector. The AfOR is already one of the leading trade organizations in the UK for biodegradable waste management and is likely to only grow in strength now. The move will also see the REA gain new lobbying powers as its membership will increase into the thousands after the merger is complete.

At the moment AfOR represents more than 300 companies that stretch across the anaerobic and aerobic digestion, composting, and biodegradable waste sectors. It decided to agree to the merger after a vote was put before its members. The re-organization of the two merged companies will see managing director for the AfOF take control as the Technical director of the REA.

Jacobs stated that they felt it was a good idea to merge with the REA due to the fact that many of the AfOR members are very active in the supply of renewable fuels and anaerobic digestion and therefore felt that by merging both sides would benefit from the perks of being members of both groups.

REA an AfOR explained that their staff members have already been working together on certification schemes for green gas and bio-fertilizers and under the terms of the new merger all certification activities conducted by AfOR concerning biodegradable packaging and compost will officially move over to the REA subsidiary.

The merger comes at the same time that the REA is dealing with a High Court action by a solar firm that Is concerned the group has not acted in accordance with one of their members and its own ethics code. REA has denied all of the claims and plans to defend the action that was made in High Court by Crystal Windows and Doors the solar installation firm.


By Alan