The council for the West Devon borough has begun to plan the distribution of more kerbside waste food caddies and boxes to its residents. They will begin distributing the materials next week, before they launch their brand new service for waste and recycling collection.

This new service will launch later in September for all homes located in the northern area of the country. Households in the south will begin to have the service in October. Over 24,000 homes in the area will be covered once the plan is in full swing.

With the plan, all West Country residents of the local authority will be getting kerbside collection of plastic bottles as well as food waste collections each week. The latter will be available for the entire borough.

As well, more dry recyclables will be collected, and refuse collections will now be done on an alternate weekly basis. The council has recently given Focsa Services a waste delivery and recycling collections contract that will last for seven years.

By Alan