Jericho Wood Recycling will create new job positions for those that live in the Midlands as the Birmingham based company hopes to help boost recycling and the reduction of new fuel production that is causing home energy costs to increase.

The company believes that it can now help to boost the demands of the local area by encouraging and adding in an increase in wood recycling. Over the last few years more people in the UK have taken advantage of log burning stoves in order to keep their heating costs down fueling the need for log recycling.

In fact, the BBC reported in 2008 that the sale of wood stoves actually increased by 30% over the previous year. According to the research, many people invested in the stoves because they were concerned about the environment, but the research also showed that as energy costs continue to jump up that this is a cost effective choice for heating one’s home.

Of course, as wood stoves continue to become more popular the demand for wood as fuel becomes higher as well which is where the Jericho Wood Recycling CIC comes into play as they offer a local solution.

Jericho Wood Recycling CIC offers clean, ethical, and environmentally friendly products to the West Midlands area at a fair market price. As wood recycling social enterprise they employ many disadvantaged people in an effort to boost their social skills and resumes and help them get back at on their feet.

At the same time that they are helping these people out, they create wood that is clean and safe to burn so that you do not have to worry about what you are placing in your wood burning stove making it a solution that everyone can get on board with.

By Alan