M&S has a new website that allows you to recycle your old stuff like mobile phones, MP3 players, laptops, and sat navs, for a donation to any of six different charities or M&S vouchers.

After you accept an offer, M&S will send a special envelope or even a courier if you are recycling over five different items or a laptop.

Recycling and/or giving the money to charity is certainly a good idea for the environment and the betterment of humankind.  However, if you wish to get the best offer for recycling your gadgets, whether for your wallet or your favourite donation, you would be well advised to shop around.

The offers from one site to another, whether cash, vouchers, or charitable donations vary widely.  Even if you are going to give money to a cause, why not give the most you can?

Just because you are going to be generous doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get all that they are worth.  This is especially true if you are recycling for cash, in which there is no shame.  If you need some extra money and you have these potentially polluting items sitting around the house, trade them for cash, but do it wisely.

By Alan