Recycled bollards are made from entirely reclaimed materials and the famous store Marks & Spencer have recently decided to utilise them in their new store in Sheffield, which has been designed in a very environmentally friendly way. The company have chosen to use these bollards as they replace the need for non-recycled bollards which can have a serious environmental impact.

Bollards are something that have to be installed in many stores as they prevent the stores being ram raided. There are also many other benefits of using this type of recycled bollard. For one, the transport costs of installing these bollards are significantly lower as they arrive hollow and are filled on-site. Inside the bollard, rocks and other sorts of aggregate is placed before they are installed.

The bollards which contain the rocks are also made from a mesh which has been recycled. As it is a mesh, the transport costs are also low even for this part and this makes the whole installation process very cheap and easy for a company, while making sure that they stick to their environmental commitments. It is also possible to customise these bollards so they can portray a company’s logo, or that of the town they are based in.

By Alan