Local Government secretary, Eric Pickles, is looking at plans that will offer councils that axe fortnightly collections rewards.  The plan comes ahead of a new publication review of the waste policy as outlined by the Government by the Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman, which is due next week.

The review, which is set to be released next Thursday, is said to raise the prospect of adding fines and penalties against those who do not regularly recycle. Pickles is taking a close look at the new plans in order to reinforce his campaign to get councils to consider weekly collections instead of fortnightly collections.

The once a week trash collections law first came into place in 1875 in order to help reduce the effect of plagues such as cholera which claimed many lives across the UK.

The Labour Government, however, only encouraged councils to collect rubbish on alternate weeks in an effort to promote recycling.

The Tories were against this idea claiming that it increased the amount of maggots, rats, and fly’s in bids throughout the summer months.

Currently, about half of all local communities collect rubbish on a fortnightly regime with polls showing that about 75% of home owners are opposed to this system.

The cost of reinstating weekly rubbish collections across England is anticipated to be around £121m.

Pickles first offered councils cash in order to switch to weekly collections but is now thought to be looking to fund the cost from scrapping quangos and via the Local Government Finance Settlement.

By Alan