A business based in Llandudno has recently started offering a recycling service for free which is targeted towards recovering items which when disposed of incorrectly can damage the environment, such as light bulbs that are designed to save energy.

Special collection facilities are going to be established in order to help dispose of this kind of waste. The owner of the company, Peter Williams, has stated, “Llandudno has a very strong reputation for green businesses and this is something that we want to exemplify. At SP Lamps we understand the importance of the environment and how essential it is we protect it for future generations.

“This collection point is going to be located in a convenient place and it is going to be easy for people to dispose of items which they would normally throw away in an unsuitable manner.”

The collection facility is going to be located in the centre of the town at the SP Lamps shop on Council Street West. This is also going to allow people to purchase a new light bulb in order to replace the one that has died. The scheme is not just open to individuals, but it is welcoming businesses to come and dispose of their lightbulbs in the correct way.

The introduction of this collection point is part of a scheme being run by Recolight, a company dedicated to making it easier for people to recycle lightbulbs. The chief executive of the company, Nigel Harvey has commented, “This business is the latest one to join our network which involves over 1000 collection points around the country.

“It continues the great recycling efforts that are being seen in the north part of Wales.” Recolight is a not-for-profit organisation who work to safely dispose of lamps which could harm the environment if put into landfill.

By Alan