Lewisham Council is launching a new procurement process with the aim of creating a single provider framework that will help to increase the amount of textiles that people drop off at London council bring sites so that they can be recycled and reused.

The initiative in London, led by Lewisham, the Hounslow boroughs, Camden, Harrow, Ealing, Barnet, and Sutton was created in order to address a WRAP report titled ‘Valuing our Clothes.’ The report found that textiles that are tossed make up about 3% of all household waste on an annual basis. In addition, the report also discovered that 30% of clothing is being thrown away at landfill sites at high costs.

The boroughs believe that they will be able to lower the amount of textiles that end up heading to the landfill sites by offering residents a new and improved textile recycling service.

Local authorities have been faced with additional financial strain as a result of the Spending Review 2011-15 and as a result have to face more challenges while they still attempt to improve or at least maintain their current service standards. This will mean that they have to move away from traditional models of organisation and instead look for new innovative services.

London councils are responding to the innovative shift in their offered services by placing a notice online at the website of the Official Journal of the European Union to ask suppliers to step forward that have an interest in taking part in the textile recycling framework. Charity sector suppliers are also being asked to step forward and contribute with the same relevant documentation.

By Alan