Aylesbury District Council are about to start offering a new service which is going to allow people to have their garden waste specifically collected separately. The current service, where waste is put into green bags, is going to be ceased this September, and the new service is going to come into effect.

The council are currently distributing leaflets with information about the service so that households will be aware of it by the time the first phase of the new system takes place. The council are also running promotional events at markets and garden centres in order to inform people about the changeover.

There is going to be a charge for the service which is going to cost just over £35 a year and is going to include a collection that takes place every two weeks between February and November. The idea is that the service is going to be most useful to those who do not have their own transport and are unable to get to recycling centres.

Those who choose to take advantage of the service will be given a large wheelie bin which will be able to take small branches, twigs, cuttings, weeds, as well as hedge trimmings. All of this waste will be collected and taken to a large composting facility.

There are certain items which cannot be put in the bin and this includes soil, stones, concrete, food scraps, household wastes and other obvious things, such as plastic. The scheme is something that is optional for residents and if they don’t want the service, they don’t have to pay for it.

The council have encouraged people to sign up however saying that it is part of an important move towards a better recycling system in the county which will allow them to be more environmentally friendly in the future.

By Alan