Larne’s household recycling service is being expanded to also include pickup of clean aluminium trays and foils according to an announcement this week from the Larne Borough Council that said the new addition will make it simpler for people to recycle every fortnight.  The plan is to get people to recycle their old take away containers, over ready meal boxes, and pie cases.

Over 14,000 homes will be able to take advantage of the new programme additions and is anticipated to save around 255,000 aluminium containers from ending up at landfills by the end of the next year.

Philip Thompson the Director of Environmental Services stated that the service is great news for those who want to chip in and do more to help save the environments and is a great way to help the many residents who have asked for more container options that they can recycle instead of trash at the end of the week.

Thompson went on to explain that the aluminium used for trays and foil often can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its integrity or value therefore each time a piece of foil is recycled it reduces the carbon footprint that producing another one would have made.  Therefore, this is a great way for individual households to help lower their carbon emissions, ease the amount of trash they contribute to landfills, and save energy at the same time.

Before placing any foils in the trash Larne Borough Council asks that households make sure their trays are at least rinsed clean and that all foil is rolled up into a ball before it is placed in the bins.  The materials that are collected from the blue bins are sent to a recycling centre in Mallusk at the moment that sorts the materials and then sends them on to the appropriate locations.  Recycling goods that are not excepted include glass, plastic food trays, plastic bags, and food.

Dixon Community Association member Ann Marshall was happy about the move stating that she is pleased to see the scheme get used in her neighbourhood adding that it seemed like a waste to throw out foil trays after just one use.

Seconding her thought is the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organization who stated that consumer demand for a way to recycle their foil containers is at an all time high.  Executive Director for the organization Rick Hindley stated that drink cans and metal food are usual recycling items but foil trays are next on the list in many communities as there is about 16,000 tonnes of foil containers used in the UK alone annually.  According to Hindley every tonne of the material that is recycled reduces the creation of about nine tonnes of CO2 so it really does make a large difference.


By Alan