H&M will start up a new clothing recycling service by partnering up with M&S next year. The idea is to start a global collection initiative that will help make sure all unwanted clothes are recycled or reused instead of thrown away. The recycling effort is going be launched in February in the 48 separate markets that H&M operates out of.

London hopes that the new re-use centre will help to reduce problems with landfill space. Chief executive of H&M Karl-John Persson stated that they are very dedicated to environmental and social responsibility and therefore their sustainability efforts are heavily important to the company. He added that they wanted to help the environment in a related fashion, so this is why they are now offering the chance for consumers to leave their old garments at H&M stores.

At the program launch only selected stores will be able to take defective and worn out clothing items, but the company maintains that it will eventually expand the programme until it reaches across global boundaries.

I:Collect, the recycling specialist will operate the new service and make sure that all of the unwanted garments that are dropped off at H&M stores will be either recycled or re-used in some way so that they are not sent onto landfills.

H&M has stated that they will take clothes in any condition from any brand and will even offer a voucher to customers depending on the amount of unwanted garments that they bring in. The idea is to help encourage people to donate old clothing items instead of simply tossing them in the trash once they are done using them.

By Alan