As part of a new partnership between Crown Paints’ and Climate Week, many home owners are going to get a chance to clean out their garages, sheds, and cupboards. As new supporting partner for Climate Week 2013 Crown Paint’s is opening the doors of over 119 different centres spread out across Scotland, England, and Wales inviting people to come in and drop off their surplus paints.

The two week paint recycling scheme has been titled ‘Kick Out the Can’ and aims to help people get rid of their extra paint by bringing the tins and containers back into their neighbourhood Crown Decorating Centre. The two week period will kick off of March 4th which is also the start of Climate Week.

At the end of the week the paint will be processed and then the results will be donated for public use and community projects. The leftover metal paint containers and leftover plastic will also be recycled and processed for future re-use. Groundwork, the regeneration Groundwork, is partnering with Crown Paints and will be in charge of sending out the recycled paint to nationwide causes.

Sustainability Manager for Crown Paints’ Mark Lloyd explained that they are delighted to be kicking of f the new recycling campaign as it is a major task for them and will really help to not only benefit the environment, but also help out many community projects around the world.

Lloyd went on to say that most houses have old paint containers that are just sitting around the room because people do not know what they should do with them once they are done painting. In fact, statistics guess that there might be as much as 54 million litres of unused paints just sitting at homes within the UK that needs to properly be disposed of.

By Alan