A new nine month trial of a separate food waste collection service will soon start in Glasgow estimated to cost as much as £800,000 and will affect 47,000 homes. Earlier in the year the Scottish Government created new regulations that ensured all councils have to adopt the separate waste collection before 2016 rolls around.

By the close of 2020 there will also be an additional ban on organic materials being deposited into landfill sites. In order to meet the new limits, the city council of Glasgow hopes to introduce new food recycling bins to flats and homes that are spread out across the city.

Over 32,000 houses located in the South East area of the city will receive a five litre bin to place in the kitchen and a 25 litre bin for outdoors to make sorting the goods a bit simpler. The idea is that householders will empty all of the rubbish they collect in the little bin into the larger one as it gets full. There is already a related scheme in place in nearby regions of Edinburgh, North Lanarkshire, Falkirk, and Dundee.

About 12,000 households in the East End of Glasgow will also be trying out the new recycling scheme where the homes will receive a five litre bin and a 250 litre communal bin will be placed in the back court for residents to empty their smaller bins into.

The high costs of the trial include the costs of the new bins that have to be purchased for residents and seven additional staff that will have to be hired to oversee the project that is expected to produce more recycling.

By Alan