The Lancashire County Council operates 15 recycling centres across Lancashire, and one of the busiest has just had a £3m upgrade/redevelopment to make it both more efficient and more ‘user-friendly’. The Farington Recycling Centre on Flensburg Way in Leyland, which has been closed for six months while the work was underway, was partially re-opened on 4 January. The temporary centre on Centurion Way in Lancashire Business Park closed on the last day of 2012.

The new Farington Centre has been redesigned so that it will not have to close its gates while containers are emptied, as it has in the past. The layout allows continuous access to the centre without having a 20-minute wait several times a day while skips are being changed out. This in turn will help reduce traffic congestion in the immediate area. Web cameras have been in place for some time, allowing customers to check online for queues and time their arrival accordingly.

The County Council said they felt local residents and businesses would be best served by opening the facility earlier than planned, even though work is not 100% complete. Until the facility is running at full capacity later this month, there are some materials that can’t be recycled, namely asbestos, rubble and hardcore, plaster and plasterboard. Temporarily, those items should be taken to recycling centres at Chorley (on Coppull Road) or Preston (on Tom Benson Way).

Farington Centre has also added new facilities for processing glass, cardboard, wood and garden waste. As with the other recycling centres, there are dedicated staff on site to answer questions about recycling and to help with heavy or cumbersome items if needed.

Council members have expressed satisfaction with the re-designed recycling facility, stating that it has been much improved and will be more convenient as well as more efficient for the recycling of almost every type of waste.


By Alan