The Proposed e-waste targets of 85% by the European Parliament have been lowered by the EU Council. The European Council (EU) in a step towards making tighter requirements on recycling and reuse of junked electric components determined its first-reading position on electrical waste rules.

The European Parliament and the Council are not far apart the Parliament voted on February 3 it first reading position and later this year and negotiations will take place for an agreement within the Parliament.

The European Commission originally proposed in December of 2008 an update to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive but has met repeated delays as recently as last October.

Covered in the directive are waste items like mobile phones and domestic appliances and intends to recycling of used products and their collection and reducing the number of illegal exports to Africa of electronic waste from EU countries.

An amount of 4kg of electrical waste per person is the current EU regulation but an update would make it dependent upon the size and economic situation of the individual EU country. The target would not come into affect until four years after the entry in law and four year later would be another increase.

By Alan