To reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills, carpets and furniture may become recyclable. There is a move to reuse or recycle old carpets left by tenants in council houses, says the Edinburgh city council.

Due to a spiralling landfill tax bill, the city is going to deposit bins for food waste recycling with homeowners. This comes after seeing new figures of disparity in recycling in the different parts of the Capital. Areas such as Craiglochart was high (over 70%) but was very low in Granton and Wardieburn (only 20%).

It is important that the amount of rubbish sent to landfill is lowered and new schemes like plastic bottle and battery recycling has been introduced and food recycling will start in the spring.

There is also a good service for recycling furniture and the introduction of new services will make it easier to recycle if more.

We all have a responsibility to protect natural resources by reducing waste and the public is urged help with the recycling and waste minimisation. The call is to reuse, reduce and recycle where you can.

Some 20,000 homes will receive lockable boxes and special bin liners when the pilot programme starts in April. If successful it will increase to over 230,000 homes throughout the Capital before the end of 2013.

This is all to reduce the landfill tax bill and follows an initiative by the Scottish Government to ban the binning of biodegradable waste by 2017. An estimate 750 tonnes of food waste is estimated to be recycled in the first year and increasing to over 20,000 by 2014/15.

This has been called a great step towards making Scotland’s zero waste target a reality, says director of Zero Waste Scotland Iain Gulland.

By Alan

One thought on “Edinburgh wants to recycle carpets and furniture”
  1. I work for a marquee company based in Broxburn. We regulary use carpet within our marquees. We have up to now send all our carpet to land fill but are hoping to recylce it going forward. The carpet is dry but unfortunately not always clean.

    Can you please supply a contact that would be able to help?

    Kind regards

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