Eco Plastics is a company based in the UK and it has been announced that they are playing a part in a £15 million expansion taking place at a Lincolnshire recycling factory. The £15 million expansion includes the installation of five TITECH machines which are produced by Eco Plastics.

The technology that is due to be installed in the factory is capable of sorting out waste produce so that it can be more efficiently recycled. Eco Plastics have recently announced that they will be working with the Coca-Cola company to better recycle waste products made by the average manufacturer.

The machines are capable of producing food pellets from recycled waste and the machinery is going to be bringing a high level of purity to these. They will additionally make sure that there are no contaminants in the pellets by the time they are completed.

This new equipment is going to be installed in Hemswell and will allow material to be identified, shredded and washed by the plants. The flakes that are produced from this process are then sorted and any impurities are removed. An expert has said that the machine works by sorting based on spectrometer technology. This is the second major installation of machines for the company within two years.


By Alan