There comes a time in every housewives day when she has to contend with the laundry and other cleaning tasks as well. If her household has children in it then likely the list of cleaning tasks she has in front of her seems never ending. However, there are a few things to think about outside of how much you have to do the next time you go to clean, because many of the chemicals found in common cleaning supplies are hurting wildlife and waterways because they hurt the natural eco system of the earth.

With this in mind, next time you head out to the shops you might want to think about the type of cleaning supplies that you purchase because it can help prevent dangerous chemicals from getting into the water and affecting drinking water, crop growth, and wildlife in general.

There are many products out there on the market now that are designed to specifically stop contaminating the earth due to the fact they are made out of eco friendly detergents such as vinegar and lemon. These cleaning supplies are harmless and bio-degradable, allowing them to be the better choice for the earth and your home.

Many of these cleaning products can now be found in the supermarket right next to the brands that you are used to seeing, and while they will cost a bit more the trade-off is knowing that your family and the earth is safe from hazardous chemicals.

There are also many great products for the home that promote a green lifestyle such as energy efficient light bulbs and simple laundry balls, the latter of which is able to be used as a detergent for laundry for as much as 3000 washes. This makes it not only a green choice, but also a very economical choice.

By Alan