Stef Kranendijk is the Chief Executive of the company Desso and he is a businessman who is committed to industries that produce zero waste. In 2008 he partnered his company with The Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency which is based in Hamburg.

This collaboration focuses on creating products that can be 100 percent recycled. Not only this but the products should be able to be recycled into the product that they were initially created for. Alternatively, if this is not possible the product should be entirely biodegradable.

Since this partnership began, the company has been focusing on only using materials in their products that can be recycled many times. Mr Kranendijk stated that he sees even waste products as potential nutrients for the creation of new products. This concept is something that is known as Cradle to Cradle and in many ways it emulates nature by using technological and biological nutritional cycles.

Not only is it an environmentally friendly option, but it is something that looks to consistently improve the quality of products. It also looks to eliminate any risks to the health of humans that are involved in the construction of products and utilises benefits such as renewable energy.

The model has been named as such because it is in direct contrast to the cradle to grave way of producing products where raw materials are used and then they are not recycled. Since 2008 the company has worked incredibly hard to change the way they’re using raw materials. Much of this has been focused on their production of their largest product, carpet tiles.

When the products are produced they are assessed for meeting certain environmental criteria as well as meeting 19 human health concerns that have been identified by the company. The company stated that by 2020 they want to make 100 percent of the materials they create constantly recyclable

By Alan