Additional funding is going to be given to councils in the UK in order to help tackle the problem of the 7 million tonnes of food that is thrown away every year. Last year around £250 million was provided to councils in order to reinstate bin collections on a weekly basis for the next five years.

This move was something that was met with hostility from green groups as they said that it would reduce the amount people are recycling as they can easily send more to landfill. Since bins have been being collected less regularly, the amounts people are recycling has gone up and many people fear that once weekly bin collection is reinstated, these beneficial recycling figures will be reduced.

The new solution that has been revealed by the government is that another bin is going to be introduced that can collect household waste that can be used for composting or other sorts of re-use. The government are currently entertaining bids in order to find the most affordable way of launching the scheme. This new method is something that has been welcomed by the Green community as they believe it will increase the amount of recycling in the future.

By Alan