Coca Cola are planning to use the Olympic Games to test new products and methods of business. For this they will be sending 500 staff to the Olympic Park to help the organisers Locog. One of Coca Cola’s plans is to reduce their carbon footprint by a third.

To assist in meeting this target, the company have acquired a new range of biogas lorries for deliveries. They have also built a new warehouse in East London and a new recycling plant in Lincolnshire. They also plan to have half of all colourless Coke bottles to be made from recycled materials and to recycle every bottle used at the Olympics within six weeks.

Coca Cola have a number of social projects running in line with the Olympics such as the ‘Street Games’ programme which hopes to get children from poorer areas in the UK to take up a sport. So they have hired the think tank, Demos to see how much of an impact these social projects actually make.

The immediate commercial impact of their sponsorship at London 2012 will show in revenue and profits but Coca Cola also want to analyse in detail the long-term value to them. In the UK the company is nearly self-sufficient with 95% of what they sell here being produced here. They have six manufacturing sites across the country. So in that case any boost in sales from the Olympics should benefit these UK factories.

Sales of Coca Cola are up by two percent in the UK year by year and the company forecast growth again this year. However, figures show that UK consumers have six percent less to spend on day to day items. But with the Olympics, Euro 2012 and the Diamond Jubilee, sales could get a boost from the number of street parties people are sure to be holding.


By Alan