Christmas is the time for wrapping and giving gifts therefore a large part of Christmas is choosing the right wrapping paper, however due to the millions of people living in the UK this means that there is a lot of wrapping paper getting used so everyone can wake up in the morning and tear open a present. All of this wrapping paper means a couple of days of immense waste as well.

Believe it or not, enough wrapping paper is used in the UK alone during the Christmas holiday season to stretch around the world a handful of times. This is an insane amount of waste that is produced for one single holiday.

Every year the nation is statistically recycling more, reaching a high of 43% of household waste estimated to have been recycled over last year. This is an encouraging fact given that it’s a new high, but to keep it increasing higher and higher more needs to be done. By reducing the amount of waste that is left behind by choosing to recycle instead of sending it to landfills every person will do their part to help a bit.

Thus, when you are opening your Christmas presents this year instead of tossing the wrapping paper into the rubbish bin you might want to instead toss it into the recycling bin. By encouraging everyone you know to recycle their paper you can make sure that you and your family members continue to help lower the carbon footprint.

Eventually the UK will run out of rubbish space for landfills and it is going to get much more expensive to take care of trash. Therefore, the time to start trouble shooting that problem is now before it gets out of hand and recycling is the best way to do so.

By Alan