EMR is a UK-based recycling company, and they have recently contracted a French firm called Recuplyl in order to recycle electric batteries that have been recovered from electric vehicles in the UK.

The company hoped that this new arrangement is going to mean that it is possible to recycle all of the batteries in the UK to the very stringent standards established by Europe. It is hoped that by January 2014, 50 percent of batteries are going to be recycled, which is a much more impressive figure than the one that is seen currently.

The French company have a patent on a technology which is very efficient at recovering battieries without having to use high temperatures. The method also uses a closed loop concept, which means that these batteries can then be reused again as batteries, rather than being used for another purpose.

A spokesperson from the UK company has stated, “We see this as a very good opportunity for us, and one that is quickly evolving. There is no question that this company have a fantastic cutting-edge technology, and this is something that we are going to be able to take advantage of through this business agreement.”

EMR currently owns 150 facilities around the world, which makes it one of the most significant companies responsible for recycling in the world. They focus on industrial products, as well as products that have reached their end of life stage. The range of materials they recycle is currently extensive, and through this business agreement they are going to be adding one more product to the range of products that they already recycle.

By Alan