It has been almost two years since 2K manufacturing started to produce its EcoSheet product, a 100% recycled alternative to plywood. However, the Luton based company is doing just fine and seeing a high demand for the product that may eventually replace plywood in the UK altogether.

A great example of the use of EcoSheet is at the Bath M&S right outside of the entrance on Stall Street. There may be a hoarding erected in the yellow and green colours of the store, but business was open as usual. The hoarding was made out of EcoSheet which is the plastic plywood. All of the plastic came from construction sites and other waste sites.

2K Manufacturing was first firmed in 2007 and instantly saw a high demand for their recycled products that are in use by many well known contractors such as Lovell and Wates. CEO of 2K Manufacturing Omer Kutlouglu stated that the demand for their products is much higher than the supply.

Every year thirty million sheets of plywood are exported into the UK with boards coming as far as Africa, Brazil, and China. The EcoSheet offers businesses a much more sustainable option. EcoSheet is made up t of 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable once it is done being used.

One of the additional perks of using 2K EcoSheet is that it has a lower carbon footprint than plywood since it does not have to be transferred into the UK via plane or car. As a final perk, EcoSheet can be made out of recycled plastics and recycled contaminated plastics allowing for some very innovative uses of plastics that otherwise might cause tonnes of waste in landfills. It also handles the weather elements better than plywood since it is plastic and not wood.

By Alan