Eco-Sheet, the 100% recycled plastic plywood, has been produced for just about two years by the Luton-based 2K Manufacturing. The boarding outside the Stall Street Marks & Spencer store in Bath was full of green and yellow and the big sign said to customers that the store was open even though there was a big refurbishment going on.


Even though the siding liked like it was regular plywood, this particular boarding was different. It was EcoSheet the 100% recycled plastic plywood from 2K manufacturing which uses all waste plastics that are mainly sourced from different construction sites to make their products.


There has been an increased demand in 2K’s products since they were founded in 2007. There are contractors in both Wates and Lovell that use EcoSheet at their construction sites. The demand at this point in time is by far exceeding the supply.


Regular plywood is imported at a rate of over 30 million sheets per year into the UK from places as far away as China, Brazil and parts of Africa. The EcoSheet is a green alternative that 2K is offering the people of the UK.


When plastics get recycled they get separated by polymer because each plastic has a different melting point, melting index and density. Water bottles get melted separately from milk containers other wise if you melted them all together to be remoulded it makes it very complicated. 2K uses these products that are mixed together to form the base for their EcoSheet.



By Alan

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  1. There is quite a wait for delivery of Eco Sheet but there are plans for further capacity to meet the needs of a greening construction industry.

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