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Why your bathroom should be a greener place from now on

In bathrooms all over the world, there are opportunities to recycle. From owners of domestic properties to commercial organisations which engage suppliers of washroom services, we have all become increasingly aware of the need to be far greener. Every aspect of bathroom supplies can become more environmentally friendly, so it’s worth noting all of the options.

On the most basic level, provisions need to be made to recycle plastic bottles, containers and even buckets which have been used in the bathroom. Shampoo and liquid soap bottles are both easily recyclable, so they should never be placed in general landfill bins. The old mantra ‘think before you throw away’ has never seemed to be more apt than it is these days.

Needless to say, recycling is about far more than just plastic. In many bathrooms you’ll find cans of air freshener, and though these may only be used every once in a while they should still be recycled when they become empty. These cans should never be pierced or crushed before you dispose of them, as they often contain harmful gases and could be dangerous.

So many materials in every bathroom can be recycled

Many women are unaware of the fact that reusable sanitary products are now available, so there’s no longer any need to buy throw-away towels and pads which are then sent to landfill every month. Any firm which provides towel dispensers should be looking into the possibility of providing recycled towels and pads from now on in a bid to give a far greener alternative.

One of the easiest areas in which we can make a difference is with the packaging that is used in most modern products. Whether they are encased in plastic, cardboard or any other material, the chances are it can be recycled with ease. As always, if you’re not sure about it you should read the recycling information that is to be found printed on the packaging itself.

While greener thinking is always needed in the home, it’s even more imperative in all of our commercial washrooms. You may use a certain amount of paper and plastics at home, but this figure will be multiplied many times over at business premises. And when you think of the number of facilities there are around the world, the need to be green is simply a must.


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